Friday, September 30, 2011

SDL Blogging Guiding Questions

Self-Directed Learning

1). What is the Self-Directed Learning as you see it?

2). How effective is it as a learning strategy compared to PBL, Mastery Learning or Project Approach?  Or is it tied to any or all?

3). How does it fit with Multiple Intelligences?  Or does it?

4). Where do you see its most practical curriculum application? Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies or other?? Why?

5). What level of education do you see this type of learning most appropriate?  Lower elementary, upper elementary, junior high, middle school, high school, adult? Why?

6). Does technology lend itself to the use of the Self-Directed Learning?  Yes or No and how or why?

7). Can any learner use this approach, or would it be more suitable for a specific type of learner?
Here are a few links to help you get started.  Please do not think these are the only ones you can use.

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